Region 3 Information

Date: The PJAS Regional event will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at Northampton Community College.

Fees: There is a school membership fee that is paid to the region. The school membership fee is $50 per school and $10 per registered student. All student registration fees must be paid with one single check from each school or district. Checks from individual students will not be accepted. If a student does not attend the Region #3 Meeting the student registration fee is not refundable.

Registration: Please read and follow the “Registration Instructions” to get started with the registration process. All Sponsors must register before their students. Registration deadline is January 10, 2023. NO registrations will be accepted after this date. Any questions can be directed to the Region 3 Secretary, Gwen Cantwell.

Presentation Units: Students are placed into units according to grade level and research area. Sponsors are notified about the unit placement of their students prior to the regional meeting.

Judges: Each sponsor is expected to recruit one qualified adult judge for every ten of their students participating at the regional meeting. All judges need to fill out the Judge’s Registration Form and return it to the judging coordinator no later than January 10, 2023. Forms can be emailed to the judge coordinator, Megan Basile.

Parents: Parents are not permitted in the presentation rooms during the time of presentation.

Presentations and Judging: The following criteria are used to judge student projects. The decision of the judges is final. Students are judged against a set or criteria rather than against each other.

Awards: Sponsors may pick up student awards the day of the regional meeting. All students who receive a first award are eligible to go to the state meeting at Penn State University, University Park Campus in May. At the state meeting, students present their same projects to a different group of judges.

Special Awards: Monetary awards are given to students with high scores. Sponsors are notified and award checks are mailed to students. 

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