State Information

State Information All students who are awarded a first award, student technicians, adult sponsors, judges and adult chaperones must complete state meeting registration forms. Sponsors must fill out the Students Unable to Attend Form listing all students who were awarded a first place at the regional meeting and are not attending the state meeting.

Date: The PJAS State event will be held on May 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2023 at Penn State University.

Technicians: Each school is asked to provide one student technician for every ten presenters attending the state meeting.

Adults: Each school is required to have one adult chaperone/judge at the state meeting for every five students attending.

Authorization for Medical Treatment: Each student attending the PJAS State Meeting is required to complete three original medical forms. Forms with photocopied signatures are not acceptable. The adult listed at the top of each student medical form must be someone on campus. Adults attending are asked to complete one medical form. Send all medical forms to the regional director.

Cost: The current fee for the state competition is $175.00 for anyone who stays on campus and $115.00 for presenters who do not stay on campus. These fees may change each year at the fall Director’s Meeting. (Please check back each year for an updated amount). The $175.00 fee covers five meals, two nights in the dorm, the program booklet, and the award bar. The fee also covers the Penn State graduate student judges, the rental of presentation rooms, nurses for 24-hour coverage, security police, and other meeting expenses. The fee for bus transportation is $80.00 per person. (Grand total of $255 for anyone taking the bus and staying on campus for the State Competition).

Behavior: All attendees are required to follow a published behavior code. Remind the students that PJAS is a school activity and all of the rules at your school apply at Penn State. Sponsors: please print the Presenter/Technician and Student Code of Behavior forms front & back to save paper.

Parking Notice: Anyone driving to Penn State and parking on campus will need a parking permit. Permits must be purchased for East Deck or the Bryce Jordan Center. FYI: There is a charge for the parking permit. 

State Forms 
After you have received all of the State forms:

  • Check to see that you have the proper forms from each student participant, technician, and adult that will be in your group. (ALPHABETIZE)
  • Check signatures on Medical Treatment forms (3 copies) to make sure the signatures are originals, not photocopies. One copy will go on the bus with the adult responsible for the bus, two copies go to the nurse at Penn State. 3 HOLE PUNCH THESE PAPERS. SEPARATE INTO THREE ALPHABETIZED GROUPS. Designate group including adult forms.
  • Fill out Housing Cover Sheet and Male/Female Housing forms indicating the roommate pairings. Adults should be listed on the same form as students. Please list students with the same chaperone in succession. Indicate A for adult, T for technician, or P for participant for each person listed. Circle yes or no for bus transportation desired.
  • Fill out students who received a first place, but are Unable to Attend the State Meeting form if applicable.
  • Fill out the “Day Package” forms if you have students/adults attending only for the Monday presentation day. These forms should be printed/copied back-to-back.
  • Download, print, and sign a copy of the Clearance Letter on a school letterhead to indicate that all adults attending have their clearances on file with the school.

DO NOT STAPLE ANY FORMS TOGETHER. All forms are to be mailed or given to the director, Karen Iobst.

Complete “PJAS State Meeting Payment sheet.” Fee should be paid on one check per school by April 1st. The checks should be made payable to “PJAS, Region #3.” Mail checks to the treasurer, Karen Iobst.

Please note: All PDF files can be digitally edited for free by using the website PDF Escape if necessary.